Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

We offer modular laboratory furniture made of powder coated steel, laminated wood and Stainless steel as per the need of your lab environment. We have comprehensive range of laboratory case works including SEFA8M & SEFA-10 Certified under bench storage modules. Analab is one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality laboratory furniture in India. We have verity of underneath storage cabinets and work tops to match prerequisite of storage need for various laboratories like QC Lab, R&D Lab, Wet Lab, Instruments Lab, Microbiology Lab, HPLC / GC Lab, Hot lab or any other lab belonging to various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Industrial Research and development, clinical research, Bio-technology, Chemical, Petrochemicals, Cement, Engineering, Food & Beverages, Forensic Science, School & Colleges and Government sectors.


Laboratory Work Bench

There are three types of work benches / work stations used in laboratories. Wall bench, Island bench / Centre Table and Peninsular bench. A work table adjoining to wall is called ‘Wall bench’. A work table which is placed in the centre of the room is called ‘centre table’. A centre table is open from all sides and approached from all four sides therefore it is called ‘Island bench’ too. A work table which is used / approached from three sides and one end is covered by wall bench or wall is called Peninsular bench. These workbenches are equipped with necessary utilities like Electrical points, water taps, gas valves etc and reagent racks which convert work benches in to work stations. Analab’s expert team designs smart layout of work stations and enhance the performance of laboratory activities. User friendly Analab products bestow hassle free work environment in the laboratory. In order to bestow hassle-free and user-friendly work environment in the respective laboratories, Analab’s experienced team discuss and understand the requirement in-depth with customer and prepare an exclusive layout drawing. In a nut shell Analab provides customised lab solutions from concept to execution.

Analab offers skirting, pedestal, castor, frame mounted as well as cantilever suspended cabinets. It is designed to satisfy all your needs in lab area whether you require bigger storage space or more leg room, easy cleaning or mobility of storage. Whatever your need – we have a solution. Every type of under bench cabinet is designed on modular theme so that they all fit together to complete working table out of any combination of your choice. Generally, there are two table heights are defined for working in laboratory. 850mm / 900mm table height is considered as standing height and 800mm / 750mm table height is considered as sitting height.


Pedestal Mounted Work Bench

In this type of lab furniture, the caseworks are kept on pedestal having lifted legs. This offers more cleaning space below case work. Pedestal type design is useful in the laboratory where water or chemical spillage is expected on floor and needed to be cleaned frequently. This type of lab table is the most cost-effective choice.


Skirting Mounted Work Bench

In this type of lab furniture, the case works are kept on skirting base where no space is left at the bottom. Under bench cabinets provides optimum space for storage. Hence, if you seek for more storage space then skirting type of table is quite economical and value for money model. Skirting type lab furniture expresses a sense of completeness with simple yet elegant look. SEFA-8M caseworks generally has skirting type design.


Frame / C-Frame Mounted Work Bench

In this type of lab furniture, the work top is placed directly on the frame. In case, the side legs of the frame have shape look alike alphabet C is called C-frame. Frame type lab tables are price effective when less storage cabinets are required. We offer choice of suspended modules or cabinets with castors below the frame assembly. Castor mounted cabinets can be rolled to anywhere in the lab as per the need. Also, you have a choice of Frame mounted tables without cabinet in case storage is not required. SEFA8M recommends frame with four legs to deal with higher load carrying capacity safely. Hence, Analab offers frame with four legs where heavy equipment is to be placed on table.