Lab Utilities

Lab Utilities

Lab furniture and fume hoods become work stations when utilities are attached to them. Laboratory work stations need utility valves for water, chilled water, air, nitrogen, vacuum, gas for experiment to run. Eye-wash and safety shower are also important utilities used in lab. Also, variety of electrical sockets and switches required to put instruments in function.


Utility Valves

We provide water faucets and utility valves for all services needed in the laboratory. Wet laboratories like QA lab, Qc lab, R & D lab etc has a common need like wash area where water taps are required. We offer one-way; two way and three-way water taps on the sink units. If needed, mixing valves also can be given. Fume hood needs panel mounted valves with nozzles for various services like water, chilled water, air, nitrogen, vacuum, gas etc. Analab provides quality laboratory valves to fulfil your need. All valves and faucets are made of forged brass body and duly epoxy powder coated. Knobs of the valves are made of ABS as per defined colour code standards.


Eye Wash

Eye wash is one of the safety valves required in laboratory. Generally, it is mounted on sink unit. It is available in two different models ‘one-eyed’ and ‘two-eyed’. Always allot a separate line for eye wash valves for better performance. Clubbing eye-wash inlet line with other water taps may drop the water pressure which may put safety on stake in emergency.


Safety Shower

‘Safety shower’ – the name is self-explanatory. As per the safety norms, this unit is must in the chemically hazardous area. It is a combo of a shower and an eye-wash unit. This is to be kept in open area which is easily accessible in emergency. Ensure that the water pressure in this line is adequate always. Analab offers safety shower unit made of SS304 and GI.



Sink bowl is the item which is used on daily basis in laboratory. Hence, it has prime importance. We have wide range of sink to match with laboratory requirements. Mostly, Polypropylene (PP) sink is required in majority of labs as it is corrosion free, acid resistant, log lasting yet cheaper. Ceramic sink and SS 304 sink also can be offered in case required. Cup sinks are provided in Fume hoods.


Peg Board

Pegboard is needed to drain small glass apparatus like test tubes and flasks. It is kept near by the sink unit. Analab offers peg board in Acrylic, PP-GL and SS.


Electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets are commonly required in laboratories. Type of electrical sockets may differ laboratory to laboratory. As a standard practice, Analab offers Indian standards i.e., 6/16 amps 230 V, 50 Hz electrical sockets & switches of various make; like: Polycab, Norasys, Northwest, Legrand, MK or equivalent. This type of electrical sockets is generally required in most of the labs. We offer metal clad industrial sockets, cutler hammer sockets and flame-proof electrical sockets on demand.