Dew Point Apparatus

Make : ANALAB | HSN Code : 8414

Supplied with Digital Temperature / Dew Point Indicator, In-built temperature sensor, Power Cord, Operational & Instruction Manual with SOP and Warranty Card.

When compressed air is dried in an air dryer, its manufacturer guarantees that the Dryer will give air of a stated Atmospheric Dew Point. In Refrigeration Air Dryers, this is generally -20°C while in Heatless & other Adsorption Dryers it is -40°C or below. It is essential that the dew point of the air be checked on regular basis to ensure smooth running of the User devices. Atmospheric Dew Point is defined as the temp. when air at atmospheric pressure gets saturated and any moisture will condense out when the air is cooled to that temperature.

The dew point apparatus is a simple device which cools the compressed air and also provides visual indication of the dew point temperature. Dry air enters the glass body of the apparatus through a valve of the bottom. It swirls around the brightly polished chrome plated tube and exits to the atmosphere at the top. Ether and dry ice is filled in the tube and the mixture is stirred with the help of a stirrer. The temperature of the tube is then measured by a low range temp. Thermometer. The temp. of the tube is progressively lowered by periodic addition of dry ice to the mixture. When the tube temp. reaches the dew point temp., moisture will condense on the brightly polished surface, making it cloudy. The temp. recorded at that time is the dew point temp. As a precautionary measure, the test should be carried out thrice for verification. The dew point apparatus can also be used for measurements of dew point temp. In other gases such as nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc.

Technical Specification

  • Measurement Range : -65ºC to 0ºC or better
  • Accuracy : ±2ºC or better
  • Working Temp Range : up to 50ºC
  • Working Pressure Range : up to 2 bar or better
  • Power Supply : 230 VAC ±10%, 50 Hz